Celebrating World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day is an international holiday organized by the World Health Organization and their Office for the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness. Since 2007, the WHO and a growing number of member countries advocate for the early detection and prevention of hearing loss across the globe. 

In 2023, the theme for World Hearing Day is “Ear and hearing care for all!” where the WHO will be shining a light on the growing need for hearing care and hearing loss treatment to become a standard in healthcare. 

Hearing loss is a widespread experience across the globe, but, in the United States alone, 15% of adults (18 and older) experience some trouble with hearing loss, and that number only increases with age and as we look at certain populations, like those within specific occupations, for example. What’s even more interesting is the number of people who experience hearing loss and either don’t realize it, can’t afford the treatment, or actively choose not to seek help. 

This is the basis for 2023’s World Hearing Day theme: encouraging the global population to prioritize their hearing health in the same way they would their general health.

Celebrating World Hearing Day doesn’t have to happen at the global or national level – it all comes down to what you can do as an individual to care for your hearing. So, here are 3 things you can do to put your hearing health at the forefront this March (and beyond!). 

1. Educate yourself on hearing health and hearing loss

The first step to recognizing and celebrating World Hearing Day is to educate yourself on all things “ears.” From ear anatomy to the causes of hearing loss to how hearing loss is connected to a variety of other disorders and diseases

Oftentimes, experiencing something – like hearing loss, for example – without knowing the cause or the science behind it can make it easier to dismiss the experience, and we find that a lack of knowledge is a key reason people wait so long to seek help for their hearing loss. 

2. Care for your overall health to impact hearing health

One thing that many people don’t realize about their ear and hearing health is just how interconnected our ears are with the rest of our bodies. Thus, caring for your overall health can be a great step in caring for your hearing health, too. 

For example, eating a healthy diet can not only help promote a healthy heart and immune system, but it can also help our ears work more effectively by fighting infections and ensuring proper blood flow and oxygen can reach our delicate inner ears. 

Another key way to keep your hearing healthy by prioritizing your overall health is through exercise. Our ears heavily influence our ability to balance, and dizziness often begins in the ears, so by moving our bodies, we are nurturing our balance systems to prevent falls while simultaneously caring for other parts of our body, like our brain and our hearts. 

3. Get a hearing test and have a conversation with a hearing care expert

The last and most important thing you can do this World Hearing Day is to get in touch with a professional to identify any issues with your hearing and get the care necessary for long-term hearing health. Here at Beltone Tristate, we offer a free hearing test and 15-minute consultation with our providers to ensure every person, no matter their situation, can take that first step in their hearing care journey. 

Our consultation process is simple. You’ll start by meeting with our team of providers and specialists so they can understand your unique symptoms, experience, and concerns and provide an initial assessment. From there, we’ll take a look inside your ears with a video otoscope so we can assess for any physical damage or signs of greater issues. Lastly, we’ll do a comprehensive audiometric test to understand what you can hear and, more importantly, what you’re missing. 

Depending on the results of your visit, our team can provide you with recommendations for next steps. From hearing aids to other therapies (or even nothing required at all!), we are by your side to ensure you get the hearing loss care you need. 

While World Hearing Day serves as a reminder for everyone to reflect on and prioritize their hearing, you don’t need a global holiday to take control of your hearing health. Schedule your free hearing test with Beltone Tristate today!