For over 79 years, Beltone has been a leader in the hearing care industry. Over the years, we’ve evolved to offer the most cutting-edge hearing care and hearing technologies to serve our customers better. No matter your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle, or your budget, the team at Beltone Tristate are here to help you take back your life.

Whether you’ve worn a hearing aid before or you’re new to the hearing aid space, our team can help you choose the right device for you. Here’s how you can select the perfect hearing aid:

Meet with a hearing care professional at Beltone Tristate to learn your level of hearing loss
Determine what design works best for your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle
Get your hearing aid fitted with the help of the team at Beltone Tristate

Your Hearing Consultation

Even if you’re currently wearing a hearing device, it is essential to get your hearing checked annually if you are over the age of 55. This will ensure that you are using the correct device for your level of hearing loss. When you schedule your hearing test with the team at Beltone Tristate, our specialists will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle and what issues you may be having. Then, we perform a comprehensive but quick hearing test. Lastly, we recommend the right hearing device for you. At Beltone Tristate, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our devices are entirely tailored to your needs.


Why Choose Beltone?

Beltone hearing aids deliver a perfect, natural sound. Whether you choose a Beltone Legend™, Beltone Trust™, Beltone Ally™, or the Beltone Amaze™, you’ll feel confident knowing that your device allows you to hear across a wide range of sound environments without relying on supplemental devices. Also, our hearing aids pair with your mobile device, computer, and TV to wirelessly stream sound directly to your hearing aids. Now you can enjoy your favorite television show or music with confidence.

Our hearing devices fit up to 90% of all hearing losses. Our Belcare™ service and warranty back each hearing aid.

Take the First Step towards Better Hearing with Beltone

Beltone is proud to offer hearing aid technology that’s powerful enough to fit up to 90% of hearing losses. Every Beltone hearing aid is backed by our industry-leading Belcare™ service and warranty. With Belcare™, your device is protected for life. Is your device not working the way it should? You can get your device serviced at one of Beltone’s 1500 participating stores nationwide.

When you choose Beltone Tristate, you are taking the first step in hearing your best. To learn more about our capabilities, please call us today at 888-595-8564.