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Personalized Hearing Solutions at an Affordable Price

Hear for moments like this

Hearing loss shouldn’t rob you of the life you love.

Do you have trouble keeping up with the conversations your loved ones are having?

Do you get frustrated because you can’t hear the phone ring or what’s on TV?

Do you feel less safe because you can’t hear if someone is at the door?

Do you feel less connected with the people you love because of your hearing?

Are you less confident overall because of your hearing loss? 

At Beltone, we strongly believe that every person living with hearing loss should have access to the right hearing solution at an affordable price.

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Hear Better with Beltone

Personalized Care. Nationwide Coverage.

Hearing loss can leave us feeling left out, unsafe, and even apprehensive. At Beltone, we tailor a hearing solution to your specific individual needs. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy their life with the right hearing solution at an affordable price.

“Amanda did a great job, i would recommend her and the Beltone experience for your hearing issues. I have the new Amaze series and they are great. Thanks Amanda for a super experience.”

– John Spoor

Hear Better with Beltone

Every person with hearing loss should have access to the right hearing solution at an affordable price.


Schedule your free hearing test

Our hearing tests are free, simple, and pain free. In just 15 minutes, we can tell if you need a hearing aid, a medical referral, or if your hearing is fine.


Get a custom hearing solution

We connect with you as a person, and every hearing care solution we offer is tailored to a patient’s individual needs and life interests.


Enjoy unmatched service

Beltone is supported by a nationwide hearing care network of over 1500 locations. More care, more benefits and more guarantees.

“The service is fast and efficient. They fix problems I didn’t even know I had! The hearing aids help because I hear things I normally wouldn’t hear. I recommend everyone to come to Beltone.”

– Shirley A.

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