Accessories for Your Hearing Aids

Get connected to the world.

Beltone Tristate is a family owned company that has been helping people restore and aid their hearing for over 60 years and we produce a wide range of hearing aids, and hearing aid accessories that are reliable, affordable, and most importantly, effective. Beltone’s hearing aids are some of the most high tech aids on the market to date. Our state of the art technology improves the aural comprehension of their users.

Beltone myPAL

The Beltone myPal

The world is becoming increasingly phone dependent, and the Beltone myPal makes understanding non face-to-face communication much easier. It is a small microphone that you simply give to the person you want to hear, and it picks up the audio with crystal clear clarity. It sends the audio directly into the hearing aid which helps filter out ambient noise, making the communications much easier to understand.


Beltone Direct TV Link

Beltone’s Direct TV Link allows hearing aid users to stream audio from their TV set using wireless technology. This device is effective at a distance of up to 7 meters away, and will even reconnect automatically if you leave the area and return. It’s like having a TV speaker plugged directly into your hearing aid. No longer will you have to argue over the volume of your favorite shows; with the Beltone TV Link, everyone can customize their volume settings easily.

Beltone Accessories Smartphone Compatibility

Many of Beltone’s Accessories are compatible with modern smartphones. They link to the phone using Bluetooth technology, transmitting the audio from the phone directly into your aid. Beltone has seven different aids that are smartphone compatible, allowing you to be even further connected to the world.

Contact the Professionals

Every body is different, however we often experience common symptoms when experiencing any health issue. You may be experiencing hearing loss if you are finding that you regularly have trouble following conversations, require the volume on the television, radio, etc., to be unusually loud, or hear a recurring ringing or buzzing sound in your ears. Remember, you can call Beltone Tristate at (888) 595-8564if you feel that you are experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss. There is no reason to wait. If you are very concerned, you can also schedule an in person consultation as well. Hearing loss has a plethora of causes; however, Beltone offers a plethora of solutions. Reach out to us today and ensure that your hearing remains crystal clear. Schedule your appointment online today!