What is Beltone myPal?

Do you ever have trouble communicating with people across long distances? We all do, right? No matter if you have hearing loss or not, hearing clearly across a crowded room or a noisy space can be incredibly difficult. But sometimes, we don’t really have a choice. And, if you’re someone who does have hearing loss, these situations can be more than challenging, they can feel downright impossible. 

Now, imagine that there was a solution for you that could boost the performance of your hearing aids, help you focus on conversations in noisy environments, and keep you even more engaged than ever before?

Your friends at Beltone Tristate are happy to tell you that such a solution exists, and that you even have options, depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget! It’s called Beltone myPal. 

What does Beltone myPal do?

Beltone myPal is an incredible, discreet, and portable device that contains a powerful microphone. The way you use the Beltone myPal is simple. Just hand over the device to the person you need to communicate with, and it will capture their voice while wirelessly sending crisp, clear audio directly to your hearing aids.

Conversations, music, or whatever audio you need enhanced is brought that much closer to your ears, thanks to myPal’s advanced streaming technology.

There’s no complicated setup. Just pair it with your hearing aids via myPal’s easy to understand instructions using your iPad, tablet personal computer or MP3 player, and you’ll get exactly the sounds you’re wanting to hear, even in crowded, noisy environments. You can even control the volume level to ensure that your hearing is protected while you’re enhancing your listening experience.

Think about all the places where myPal can make your experience richer! Watching sports on television with your friends, enjoying a great meal at a busy restaurant, staying engaged in the classroom or at an important meeting, or reconnecting with loved ones at events with family and friends. 

The Beltone myPal can truly make these experiences better. And, what’s more, you even have options, so you can choose the Beltone myPal accessory that is perfect for you, with the myPal Micro and myPal Pro options. 

What is the difference between myPal Micro and myPal Pro?

Beltone myPal Micro

With the Beltone myPal Micro, you can extend the range of your hearing by as much as 82 feet! The Micro has a battery life of up to ten hours, a directional microphone designed to capture crisp sound from the source of your choosing, volume control, and even a mute function should you need to temporarily turn off myPal’s audio. 

The myPal Micro even includes easy to see and understand visual indicators which will help you understand what mode this easy to use and easy to conceal (if discretion is a key factor for you) device is in during use. 

Beltone myPal Pro

The Beltone myPal Pro contains all the same incredible features as the myPal Micro, but with an even broader range of connectivity options for your devices. 

It can also automatically switch into what’s called “table mode,” where the myPal Pro can pick up multiple speaking voices when you’re at the coffee shop, restaurant, boardroom, classroom, or wherever hearing multiple speakers is a necessity. 

Doesn’t your hearing health deserve something a little extra?

If you’re already a wearer of Beltone’s Amaze, Boost Ultra, Imagine, Rely, or Trust hearing aids, or are interested in upgrading to this technology, then you’ll be happy to know that the Beltone myPal Micro and Pro accessories are compatible with these devices. 

You deserve a richer, more flexible hearing experience, and the myPal line of accessories are the perfect way to make that a reality. 

At Beltone Tristate, our providers are trained in testing, diagnostics, precise fittings of the world’s most advanced hearing aids and accessories, and, most of all, personalized patient care. 

It’s time that you hear your very best, no matter what listening situation you find yourself in. Contact Beltone Tristate today to learn more about myPal, and a whole lot more!