Over the years, the team at Beltone Tristate has helped thousands of folks in our community to hear their very best through our expert fitting of hearing technology. One of the questions we hear time and time again is “can I afford them?”. And it’s a fair question!  Beltone Tristate specializes in finding you a hearing solution that is affordable!  Learn how:


Hearing care is more than hearing aids.

Like you probably already know, there are a wide range of options available to patients, and it’s not always clear what you’re getting for your investment. We believe it’s our duty to inform all of our patients as simply and as clearly as possible about the nature of their hearing loss and their treatment options based on the outcomes of their tests.  This is why partnering with a hearing care professional who has a proven track record of success will lead to the best possible outcomes. 


It all starts with us taking the time to speak with you so we can better understand the potential hearing loss you’re experiencing. Sometimes there are other factors, such as blockage caused by earwax or ear infections, that can create a temporary hearing loss.  These may be treated through other means and aren’t necessarily reflective of a permanent but treatable hearing loss. 


You have more options than you might think.

If it’s determined that you do indeed have hearing loss that is treatable through wearing hearing aids, then you have many options to consider. We urge you to visit Beltone Tristate so that we can recommend the best technology for your type of hearing loss with the right features that will best enhance the way you want to live your life. 


You may have noticed that there are devices, usually called “Personal Sound Amplification Products” or “PSAPs” available in your local drugstore or similar establishments. They usually make claims that they’re able to provide similar enhancements to one’s hearing but cannot refer to these products specifically as “hearing aids” because PSAPs are not regulated by the FDA.  They do not provide the same benefits as a properly fit hearing device. Why is that? 

What’s the difference between PSAPs and hearing aids?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually, but this is our area of expertise and we understand that most wouldn’t necessarily be aware. Here’s the important difference to consider when evaluating a PSAP vs. a hearing aid fit by a trusted professional: Today’s digital hearing aids are designed so that an expert hearing care professional can fine-tune the device to match the exact type of hearing loss showcased on your audiogram. This means that if your loss is present in regard to high-frequency sounds, we can adjust your device to improve your hearing when those sounds are present. This is the same in regards to low frequencies, mid-range frequencies, or some combination of all three; hearing aids are prescriptive devices.   PSAPs cannot do this. They’re not programmed to your specific needs and test results.. 


PSAPs, in fact, are designed to do one thing: amplify sounds. To make quiet sounds louder. That’s all they do. And the risk you run when you choose a PSAP vs. a professionally fit hearing device is potentially harming your hearing even more by wearing them. We’ve seen it countless times in our clinics and we see the dismay in our patient’s eyes when they’ve learned what they thought was good for their hearing was in actuality bad for their long-term hearing health.

What are my options when it comes to choosing hearing technology in my price range?

We’re here to help you understand all of your options. There are simple digital devices that can be fit to your type of hearing loss and have a small range of additional features, and then there are more advanced aids that are designed to improve your hearing experience, automatically adapt to different hearing environments, connect Bluetooth devices like smartphones, TVs, and computers, and possess a wide range of other compatibilities. 

We want you to understand everything that’s available to you, and we want to help you make the most informed decision based on your hearing needs while recommending options that fit your specific budget.


When you invest in your hearing care at Beltone Tristate, you’re getting so much more than hearing aids. You’re getting the best in testing, the best in treatment recommendations, the best in hearing aid fittings and follow up care, and the best service and value around. Having a relationship with a trustworthy and effective hearing care provider is going to help you achieve your hearing goals, and we’d love to be your partner in that journey. We have a proven track record of success because our Beltone patients are a part of our Beltone family.