Advancements in Technology have Created So Many Hearing Improvement Applications to Help Those with a Hearing Impairment! Know What Is Available to Improve Your Hearing Experience! 

With innovations in technology, the solutions for hearing loss are improved and varied. Many Smartphone Apps have been developed, and continue to be developed, to assist people who have hearing impairments. Some of these apps are for those who are not yet wearing hearing aids, and some of the apps pair with hearing aids for the best enhancement to one’s hearing. 

In the United States, about 15% (37.5 million) of the adult population has some form of hearing impairment. Many people are hesitant to get help for hearing loss for a variety of reasons. One of the most prevalent reasons is because of the social stigma surrounding hearing loss; many people think they will be considered “old” or “needy” by the people around them if they need hearing devices. However, with the advancements made in Smartphone technology, those with hearing loss need not be worried–you are part of the innovation! 

Hearing Assistance Technology (HAT) 

One of the top concerns for someone with a hearing impairment is going into an environment with a lot of background noise, or a space with a lot of people. With the advancement of hearing assistance technology, many devices and Smartphone apps have been developed to help you hear in loud or busy places. 

The Best Apps for People with Hearing Impairment 

There are a number of apps available for people who have hearing impairment and may not have made the step to hearing aids. These apps are accessible on any Smartphone and can make a world of difference to someone who is struggling with any kind of hearing loss. 

  • Soundprint –This app compiles user-submitted data to create a database of restaurants, bars, and other socializing spots based on the decibel level of the space. Once a space’s decibel level has been determined, it is stored in the app’s database and users are able to search for a spot based on how “quiet”, “moderate”, “loud”, or “very loud”. 


  • Ava or RogerVoice – Both of these apps use a transcription technology that allows for real time, live conversation transcription. All people present in the conversation must have the app, and the conversation is sent via text to the person with hearing impairment. For the person with hearing loss, lip reading is no longer needed in conversation. 


  • Sound Amplifier – Using your existing headphones, this app allows the user to increase their volume (but be sure to do so safely for your hearing!), remove background noise, and make voices louder and crisper with “voice isolation” all while protecting your ears. 


  • Sound Alert – This app allows the user to record specific sounds from their environment–the doorbell, the oven timer, and other environmental sounds–then set the app to “detection mode” so it is listening for them. When one of the pre recorded sounds occurs, you are alerted through a flashing light, a smartwatch notification, or a phone vibration. 

Applications that Enhance Hearing Aids 

For those who have made the move to wearing hearing aids, there are many apps that pair with your hearing aids for even better hearing experiences. BeltoneTristate has some of the best options for applications that work with both iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. 

  • Beltone HearMax and HearPlus Apps – Depending on the type of Beltone hearing aid you’re using, programming your hearing aid straight from your Smartphone gives you control over your hearing aids. Both of these apps are included at no extra charge with your Beltone hearing aid. 


  • Beltone SmartRemote App – This app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote to control or adjust your radio and listening programs. You can also adjust your hearing aid through your smartphone with this app. 


  • Beltone Tinnitus Calmer App – This app gives you some relief from the constant ringing in your ears that tinnitus can cause. Sound therapy and relaxing exercises are used to distract your brain from the ringing of tinnitus. 


Beltone Tristate offers a free baseline hearing test so you can see where your hearing stands. Call today to book your appointment and learn more about the options available for better hearing, and the advanced technology to make your hearing experiences more clear!