Why are hearing aids so important?

It is proven that properly fit hearing aids (i.e. hearing aids that have been customized to your specific type of hearing loss) can drastically improve the wearer’s quality of life.

Not only does a set of properly fit hearing aids help you fill in the gaps of so many of the frequencies you’re missing, they can give you the much needed confidence to re-engage with the world around you.  Whether that means going to restaurants with friends, more actively participate in discussions at church or work, or focus more clearly on conversations in noisy environments.

Your sense of happiness, your level of activity, and even your income can be affected by whether or not you choose to treat your hearing loss. These are some of the things that make our job as hearing professionals so fulfilling. 

Day after day, year after year, we’re lucky enough to work with patients who go from being unsure about the idea of wearing hearing technology at all, to finally understanding the empowerment it can give them. Hearing aids can truly change lives for the better, and getting to be a part of that process for a person is a huge honor — and a huge responsibility, one that we take really seriously at Beltone Tristate. 

How often should I upgrade my hearing aids?

The standard recommendation that we give our patients for upgrading their technology is 3-5 years. 

This number is based on a few factors, with one being that this range is, based on regular use of the technology, about how long the devices can endure optimum performance. 

Hearing aids are very small electronic devices, tiny computers that, assuming they’re properly maintained, cleaned, and serviced by a hearing professional, are surprisingly durable, given that they’re worn on the body. 

Our bodies naturally produce sweat, oils, and attract dirt and other debris that can wreak havoc on electronics, even if they’re the type of aids that include moisture-resistant coating. 

The other important reason to upgrade your hearing aids every 3-5 years? Advancements in technology. 

More than ever before, the world of hearing aids is blossoming in terms of their ability to be personalized to the wearer. Not only can we program your devices more precisely than ever before, but, thanks in part to accessories, smartphone and tablet applications, as well as Bluetooth compatibility, you can integrate your hearing aids into just about every aspect of your to considerably enhance those aspects of your life. 

Love going to the coffee shop, for instance? With certain devices and apps, you can use GPS to enable your hearing aids to recognize your location and automatically adjust to that specific listening environment, based on your unique preferences. 

These advancements are becoming more robust every time Beltone releases new hearing aid technology into the marketplace, and we want our patients to take advantage of the features that will improve their listening experiences.

How do I get the most out of my devices between upgrades? 

The best way to ensure that your hearing aids are performing their best for you is to, first, make sure you’re wearing them every day like your provider has recommended. Occasional use means that you’re never fully retraining your brain to become accustomed to your technology. Wear them as recommended.

Secondly, make sure that you’re cleaning your devices regularly at home. Earwax and other buildup can get caught in earmolds and tubing, and degrade the performance of your hearing aids.

We recommend using the cleaning kit that you were given when you were first fitted with your devices, as well as using a humidifier at night while you sleep in order to keep your devices dry and disinfected. 

Finally, getting your devices professionally cleaned at least twice a year gives your hearing professional the chance to examine your devices, check the tubing, and make sure that they’re performing their best for you. It also gives us a chance to speak with you about your hearing and helps us to consider any testing or additional treatment that you might need, given the circumstances. 

Time for an upgrade? Need your devices cleaned? Want to discuss your hearing needs? Contact Beltone Tristate TODAY to make your better hearing appointment!