If you are new to hearing aids, you may worry about maintaining your active lifestyle. Keep your summer plans locked in and get ready to enjoy the outdoors in fresh ways with full hearing. This post explores best practices to keep your devices safe and clean to improve your hearing while staying active, along with helpful apps and products to keep them connected.

Should you not use hearing aids while being active?

First things first, we want to remind you not to ditch your hearing aids before physical activity. If you experience hearing loss and an audiologist has recommended hearing aid usage, use your hearing device throughout the day regardless of activity.

Improved hearing will help you enjoy your summer activities more and keep you safe, as well. Being able to hear an oncoming car or cyclist could mean the difference between a serious injury or a successful outing. It may be tempting to leave your devices inside for protection, but keeping yourself safe is worth it. Our devices and technology are designed to stay with you on the go to help you enjoy everything you do. 

Keeping hearing aids secure

Whether you are a mountain biker or hiker, pickleball fiend, or martial arts practitioner, you want confidence that your devices will stay in your ear so that you can focus. If you use behind-the-ear devices, consider using a hearing aid clip that will attach to your clothes in case a device is dislodged. 

The most important thing for behind-the-ear devices is a proper fitting from a professional. If you currently use over-the-counter hearing aids and are considering the switch, schedule a hearing test and fitting appointment. Be sure to discuss your lifestyle and what type of activities you enjoy for the best fit. During the consultation, ask about the pros and cons of in-the-ear versus behind-the-ear options to select the best device for your lifestyle.

Keeping hearing aids clean

Keeping your hearing aids and batteries clean is simple so that you can stay focused on being active and healthy. After a hike or workout, it’s a good idea to clean your devices to remove any accumulated sweat which can be corrosive to the device. You can dive deeper into hearing aid care in this post or restock on cleaning wipes.

How to clean your hearing aids

  • Wash your hands and clear a space
  • Gather your tools: wipes, wax pick, brush, and isopropyl alcohol
  • Brush or pick device openings to clear away earwax
  • Wipe it down
  • Behind-the-Ear Device Tips
    • Remove ear-mold to wipe or soak in soapy water if discolored
    • Dry ear mold and tube completely (ideally overnight) before use

Battery Care Reminder

If your device uses replaceable batteries, the name of the game is keeping them dry for longer life. Sweat-wicking headbands or skull caps are a good idea to minimize moisture affecting your batteries. One habit that can help is opening the battery door each night while you sleep to help your hearing aids and batteries dry out. 

Hearing Aid Apps & Products for Your Active Lifestyle

At Beltone Tristate, we have several apps and products that can help you or your loved one get more out of their hearing aids while staying active this summer. These apps and products are designed to make it easier to adjust your hearing aids on the go and improve your hearing experience for any activity. 

Beltone Apps

  • Beltone HearMax and HearPlus Apps
    • Programming your hearing aid straight from your Smartphone gives you control over your hearing aids. Both of these apps are included at no extra charge with your Beltone hearing aid and are compatible with Apple or Android devices. 
  • Beltone SmartRemote App
    • Use your smartphone to remotely control your radio or music of choice. You can also easily adjust your hearing aid settings through the app, as well. 

Beltone Products

If you are doing research or shopping for a loved one with hearing aids, we have several products and accessories to help them stay active while enjoying better hearing. 

  • Beltone myPal
    • Sitting around the campfire or picnics in the park are great ways to connect with loved ones during the summer. Hearing one another can be difficult in these settings, and the myPal helps you stay connected. It contains a small microphone on the device that sends the audio directly into your hearing aid. Easily filter out ambient noise and understand the full conversation outdoors or in crowded spaces. 
  • Beltone Remote Control 2
    • The Beltone Remote Control allows you to change the settings of your hearing aid on the go. You can do everything from tune your hearing aids, block out surrounding sound, or adjust any streaming and Bluetooth devices easily. It makes wearing a hearing aid more accessible and it’s compatible with a large number of Beltone hearing aids. 

Hearing aids should improve your active lifestyle instead of standing in its way. You don’t have to choose between doing the things you love or being able to hear your loved ones. By keeping your devices secure and clean, you can ensure their optimal performance while increasing their lifespan. Beltone Tristate apps and products can help you get more out of this summer with easier device adjustments and better audio quality outdoors.