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Statistics show that 48 million Americans adults suffer from some type of hearing loss. Unfortunately, hearing loss is often a part of the aging process. That’s why we agree with medical professionals who recommend that adults over the age of 50 include hearing care exams in their routine health care.

Despite numerous studies that show the correlation between hearing health and other health issues, many people ignore or avoid testing, sometimes for years. At Beltone Tristate, we know that early detection is the key to prevent your hearing loss from affecting other aspects of your health. If left untreated, hearing loss can lead to other health issues such as depression, fatigue, dementia, and cognitive decline.


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Our hearing evaluations are free, simple, and painless. In just 15 minutes, we can tell if you need hearing help, a medical referral, or if your hearing is normal.


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One of our team members will reach out and connect with you to find Beltone’s location nearest to you.


Come in for your hearing evaluation

Your hearing care professional will thoroughly go over the results of your test. If your test shows you would benefit from hearing help, we will design a custom hearing solution tailored to your needs.


Hearing Health Experts

Beltone has covered hearing care solutions for over 50 years. At Beltone Tristate, our hearing tests are comfortable, comprehensive, and 100% free. Your exam will start with a personalized hearing health assessment, which is a series of questions about your habits, lifestyle, and your medical history. This information helps our team understand your hearing care needs and what is important to you. Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you enjoy dining out at restaurants or going to concerts? Do you have an active lifestyle? The team at Beltone Tristate will help you find hearing aid devices that fit your lifestyle.



Video Ear Scan

After we get to know you, we perform a screening of your hearing with a video otoscope. This allows us to see the inside of your ear canal and eardrum. The images are projected onto a computer screen, where our hearing care professionals can see if there are any issues or obstructions that may be affecting your hearing, like ear wax or a possible infection. The can is a quick procedure that is painless and non-invasive.


Audiometric Testing

The next step in your hearing assessment is an audiometric test. Using computerized equipment, we narrow down the type of hearing loss you are experiencing. We use a series of tests that determine how well you hear a range of sounds, including tone and speech testing, air and bone testing, and word discrimination testing.


Hearing Test Results

Finally, your hearing care professional will go over your results with you. We know that you are not a hearing care expert, so we present your results to you in a language you can understand. We go over your audiogram results and let you know what your level of hearing loss is. If you truly are experiencing hearing loss, we will recommend the best device for you. Since Beltone Tristate carries a full line of hearing aids, you can try on the device in the store. We will fit you for your hearing aid so you can take your life back.

It’s Time to Take the First Step

Even the slightest amount of difficulty with your hearing could be a sign that you should find out more about your hearing loss. The hearing care professionals at Beltone Tristate are here to help you make the right decision. Call us today at 888-595-8564 or contact us to schedule your free hearing test.