Remedies for Itchy Ears

It used to be said that if you had burning or itchy ears, it meant someone was talking about you. These days modern medicine is a lot clearer about the causes and remedies of itchy, burning ears. This is usually a simple issue concerning hearing care that can be cleared up quickly. If you’ve experienced itchiness within your ears, there are several things that could cause it.


If it’s winter time and your ears are itching, then it may be a simple case of dry skin. Shower in cooler water, and hydrate more often to relieve dryness. Add a humidifier in your home. Try not to interfere with the oil yours ears naturally produce. Too much cleaning can create other health issues.


Allergies can lead to a variety of symptoms, so see if taking your allergy medicine makes a difference. Check your environment for allergens. Keep a food diary to see if you might have developed a food allergy. If you can’t track down the exact cause, then your hearing care specialist may have drops for allergy-related itchiness to help you feel comfortable.

Illness or Injury

Ear infections, swimmer’s ear, and sunburn can all lead to itchiness. The itchiness may be a recurring sign that warns you it’s time to see your hearing care specialist. In that case, it’s a precursor to the pain of swollen eardrums and can help you avoid that difficulty. Consult your hearing care specialist so that a proper diagnosis and treatment can be made.

Wax Buildup

Wax can build up more easily for some people than it does for others. It can cause various degrees of gradual hearing loss. It can trap bacteria in the ear canal which leads to infection. Sometimes trying to remove wax can accidentally cause damage to your eardrum instead. It’s worth having this checked by a professional from time to time. Pharmacies and other stores often carry ear wax treatment kits that can be used at home, as well.

Hearing Aids

Some people are sensitive to plastics and latex products. If the itchy sensation seems related to your hearing aid, then it may be that the kind of plastic covering that particular model is the problem. It could also be a simple matter of water or wax getting trapped behind the hearing aid and causing an infection. It’s something you and your hearing care specialist can discuss together.

Ear health is important for hearing care. Little problems are distracting and most itchy sensations can be solved easily. Rather than risk infection or gradual hearing loss, develop good ear health hygiene at home. To learn more about what you can do to prevent itchy ears, contact Beltone Tristate today.