Experience Hearing Loss No More with Beltone Legend™

This line of hearing device fully adapts to your ears, no matter what your level of hearing loss.

World Class Features

Enjoy a richer sound quality, no matter your environment.

At Beltone Tristate, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work to treat hearing loss. That’s why we recommend each patient a device that will help them hear their best. If you’ve dealt with hearing loss for several years and struggled to find the right solution for you, look no further than the Beltone Legend. This line of hearing devices was developed to fully adapt to your ears no matter your level of hearing loss.

By marrying 2.4GHz technology with a lightweight, discreet design, Beltone Legend provides a wonderful listening experience without patients having to sacrifice comfort or discretion. Since this device automatically eliminates extraneous sounds, you’ll be able to enjoy a richer sound quality no matter your environment.

The Beltone Legend combines world-class features with the innovative Beltone HearPlus app. With Crosslink Directionality, you’ll be able to understand the location of any sound no matter your environment.

Your hearing aid can adjust and prioritize sounds with the Smart Gain Pro. The Personal Sound ID helps you to avoid distractions that can occur in noisier environments so you can keep your attention front and center.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the whistling or hissing noises that can occur with most hearing aids, you can rest easy knowing that the Beltone Legend features a Feedback Eraser. For those who lead an active lifestyle, the HPF80 NanoBlock coating protects your device from dirt, dust, and moisture.


This small but powerful device will provide a hearing solution for 90% of those suffering from hearing loss. Because the Beltone HearPlus app is compatible with iOS and Android, you can take advantage of the Legend’s impeccable features no matter what mobile device you own.

When you’re ready to upgrade your device or purchase your first one, simply make an appointment with Beltone Tristate. Once you schedule your hearing test, our team will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle and determine your level of hearing loss. Then, we will get your fitted for the Beltone Legend that will meet your needs. Whether you need a smaller, more discreet unit or one that fits snuggly around your ear, the team at Beltone Tristate is confident that you will find the perfect Legend for you.