Beltone Ally™, Discreet Yet Powerful

The perfect hearing aid for an active lifestyle

Advanced Features

Built to withstand sweat, rain, and moisture

The Beltone Ally is the perfect hearing aid for those with an active lifestyle. This hearing aid comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. Whether you’re seeking a device that fits perfectly in your ear or one that tucks subtly around your ear, the Ally is the perfect device for you.

View the video on the Ally to learn more about it’s incredible features and exceptional performance!

The Ally helps you stay present with a number of advanced features designed to help you hear better. Advanced noise reduction and a sound cleaner that’s meant to eliminate background noise, wind, air conditioning, and other loud environments. With a built-in speech spotter, you’ll be better prepared to determine where the sound is coming from, allowing you to follow along with the conversation no matter the tempo.

The Ally is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. This hearing aid is built to withstand sweat, rain, or moisture. The Ally works perfectly for 90% of individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.


Additionally, the Ally’s digital capabilities make it perfect for those who have trouble distinguishing sounds while watching television or listening to music. With this hearing aid, you can stream sound from anywhere directly to your device. Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite show with ease. With the help of the Beltone HearCare app, you can control your device completely from the palm of your hand. Since this device works with both iOS and Android, you can adjust your sound levels and discretely control your device no matter the platform.

If you’re on the market for a hearing aid, consider Beltone Tristate. Whether you’re ready to upgrade your device or you’re about to purchase your first one, our hearing care professionals will get you fitted with the perfect device for you. It is easy to get started – simply schedule a hearing evaluation with one of our hearing care professionals. During your appointment, our team will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle and perform auditory tests to discover your level of hearing loss. Then, we will get you fitted for a Beltone Ally that perfectly fits your needs.