We in the hearing care world imagine a day where hearing technology lives in the same category as eyeglasses do: An essential item for its health benefits that also functions as an accessory that people are actually delighted to wear! 


Though the aesthetic effects that glasses have on a person’s appearance are undeniable, after all, they frame the face and due to their wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles, they can drastically change a person’s look, they simply can’t compete with hearing aids in terms of the range of benefits the can offer. 


What’s so special about today’s hearing aid technology?

Beyond the obvious benefits to your hearing, modern hearing devices can stream audio directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth technology, automatically adjust to your preferred settings when in different listening situations, and even monitor different aspects of your health and provide data to smartphone apps. Oh, and today’s hearing aids are sleeker, more comfortable, and, dare we say it, more aesthetically pleasing than ever. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, meaning they can be as big a statement or as subtle an aid as you’d like. 


What are the most common hearing aids?

The devices we most commonly fit for our patients are called behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-canal/receiver-in-the-ear (RIC/RIE) hearing aids. They are named as such for the way they are worn. These hearing aids are described as being comfortable to wear, simple to maintain (with proper personal and professional care and maintenance), and very effective for treating a wide range of hearing difficulties. 


Our team has fit thousands of these devices over the years, and we love them because of the flexibility they provide us in fine-tuning their settings to your unique hearing needs. Their cases — the portion of the device containing the microphone, circuitry, antennae, and battery — are durable and make battery changes easier for those with fine motor difficulties. The tubing and the ear domes are easy to clean and can be easily replaced when they become worn out. 


Are there any issues with wearing
hearing aids and glasses at the same time?


All in all, they’re very popular types of devices. One question we do receive quite often is, “Will hearing aids affect my ability to comfortably wear my glasses?” It’s a totally understandable question. Not only is there the potential discomfort that comes with wearing multiple items on one’s ear, there’s also the very real possibility of you losing your hearing aids, which can be caused by putting on or taking off your glasses. 


After you’ve been fit with hearing aids for the first time, you’ll go through a short period where you’ll be reacclimating to finally hearing sounds you’ve long been missing. Hearing loss can steal many of the subtleties of our life’s listening experience, so as your brain adjusts to hearing these sounds, your body will also adjust to the feeling of wearing your hearing aids every day. (You will wear your hearing aids, every day, won’t you?) 


Create a simple routine and reap the benefits of better hearing


We suggest that you practice putting your glasses on first, and once they feel comfortable, then put your hearing aids on. When taking these items off, we suggest you do just the opposite. Take your hearing aids off first, and then remove your glasses. Removing your glasses first could cause them to get caught on the tubing of your hearing aids, pulling them off and potentially yanking the tubing out or causing you to lose them altogether. 


Like many things in life, creating a routine that you can stick to will ultimately give you the results you’re looking for. That’s how we feel about always striving to deliver the best in hearing healthcare in our community, and that’s what we know our patients can do when it comes to their embracing what a life with better hearing can truly mean. Through our partnership — our commitment to them, and their commitment to their health — we’ve created some incredible results! 

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