Have a Healthier 2019

There is no denying that few, if any people enjoy visiting the doctor even if it is just for a simple and easy check-up. However, it is extremely important to make a yearly hearing test a part of your healthcare routine.

When it comes to losing your hearing, symptoms most often occur gradually. It is because of this that it is hard to notice when your hearing starts to diminish. Usually it is a person’s loved ones that realize a person’s hearing loss first. Many people who have hearing loss often live in denial for years before they seek the help they need.

The longer you wait to get your hearing checked, the worse your symptoms will become. Often, those suffering from hearing loss are unable to recall sounds, need to turn the volume up on the television, and more. Since a person’s ears are linked to numerous other systems in their body, ignoring any loss of your hearing means that you are also harming other parts of your body. In fact, hearing loss has actually been linked to other health conditions. Health conditions such as dementia, brain shrinkage, sleep apnea, diabetes as well as heart disease.

The loss of someone’s hearing does not just impact their body but their mind and therefore their happiness as well. Most people will avoid social situations when they start to have a hard time hearing. Often times this leaves someone hard of hearing feeling isolated which may lead to depression. Because the key to personal relationships is communication, loved ones may stop sharing with you out of frustration when you have a hard time understanding them.

Even if you are currently wearing hearing aids, it is still prudent to have a yearly hearing test. Over time your hearing will change, in order to adjust your hearing aids this test is necessary. This way you will always hear your best and be able to maintain your quality of life as well as you health. For more tips on how to live a healthier life in 2019, contact Beltone Tristate today.