Don’t Let Hearing Loss Put A Damper On Valentine’s Day

Some people downplay Valentine’s Day as unimportant or trivial but Valentine’s day is a way to celebrate your loved one. But if you suffer from hearing loss, you may feel insecure about spending the evening out with your loved one. Here are a few suggestions to make the day special and memorable.

Hearing Care and Preparation

Your hearing aids are designed to give you the best hearing possible. Make sure that you have removed any wax from ears and check your hearing aid filter. If it has been close to a week since a new battery has been inserted, replace it with a fresh one.

Choosing Your Location

Think of what interests you and your partner – do you enjoy going to concerts, nice restaurants, the movie theater? Make sure the place you choose is not loud or crowded so you are able to hear each other. Additionally, make sure you’re in a well-lit place when speaking to each other so that your partner can easier read your lips if they are unable to hear you well.

Chose A Great Gift

If your loved one is suffering from hearing loss, one gift to consider is a hearing device. There are several different models that are discreet and can help them enjoy their favorite television show, music, or podcast. Beltone Tristate carries a number of devices that can meet your budget and your loved one’s lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

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